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Beautify your home with a fireplace or stove installation by Chimney & Fireplace Guys. Whether you need to repair your fireplace, or replace it with an updated version to match your house, we can help.
New Gas Fireplace

Custom Masonry Fireplaces

You design it or we can, turn that bare wall into a masterpiece with our custom masonry. If you’ve seen it we can do it, brick, stone, tile, custom mantles, bookcases and shelving.

Chimney Caps

A chimney cap offers protection against all types of things, including animals (such as birds, squirrels, and raccoons), rain, and debris. Without a cap on your chimney, you may discover wild animals nesting inside your chimney, which causes problems for you and the animals.
If rain, snow, hail, or other moisture is allowed to enter your chimney, severe damage could result. You may experience cracked or spall bricks, mold growth, or damaged joints.

Chase Covers & Crowns

Chase Covers 
  • The metal cover over the whole top of a chimney chase.
Chase Crowns
  • On a masonry chimney, the chimney’s crown is the first defense against water damage. Similar to a chase cover, the crown's purpose is to protect the brickwork from water penetration.
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