Chimney Repair

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Careful Chimney Repair

Chimney Repair, Chimney Flashing and Water Sealant

We offer the following services:
  • Chimney rebuilding
  • Chimney relining
  • Damaged chimney caps, crowns, and covers
  • Chimney fire damage
  • Leaky chimneys
Chimney repair

Fireplace Re-Creation

A Fireplace Re-Creation is a complete cosmetic change of your fireplace, and it can be accomplished with little to no disruption to you and your home - typically 1 to 3 days. A fireplace Re-Creation is completely unique to your fireplace. Everything is custom sized to fit your wood or gas fireplace completely. You can design your own from a wide selection of styles, colors, finishes, and options. The result? An amazing transformation to match the décor of your home, and is uniquely designed for your fireplace!
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